This technique consists in the correction of mild to moderate nasal deformities without surgery, resorting to injectable materials, such as hyaluronic acid (see facial dermal fillings). To do so, it requires a profound anatomical knowledge of the nose and should therefore only be performed by a doctor who is specialized in nasal surgery.


This procedure is performed in the office, under local topical anesthesia and is well tolerated. The results are immediate (although initially there is some swelling and / or bruising) and can be retouched if necessary.

Lasting results can be maintained for about two years and because only a small amount of hyaluronic acid is required (less than 1 ml) this becomes an economical alternative to surgery, without the risks associated to it. However, not all nasal deformities are correctable with rhinomodulation, and unlike rhinoplasty (nose job), which should combine a functional as well as an aesthetic component, rhinomodulation only improves the aesthetic appearance of the nose.

Noses that benefit most from rhinomodulation have a low nasal root, a dorsal hump, a fallen tip, or small irregularities or asymmetries resulting from previous trauma or surgery. However, only after careful analysis and discussion of outcome expectations, that procedure may be chosen over another.