Case #34

This patient came to me with marked functional complaints (difficulty in breathing through her nose) and did not like the aesthetic component of her nose. It was a very projected nose, with a marked bossa, with a pointed tip (namely when smiling, due to a depressor of the short septum) and an asymmetric columella caused in part by the deviation [...] Read more

Case #33

This patient had serious respiratory difficulties caused by a deviated nasal septum and an increase in the inferior turbinates (rhinitis). From the aesthetic point of view she was displeased with the pronounced bossa that had, nevertheless wanted to maintain a very natural nose and framed in his face. By open rhinosectomy, it was possible to correct both the functional component [...] Read more

Case #30

This patient had very poor nasal permeability and did not like the look of his nose. From the aesthetic point of view it was a nose with a discreet bossa, with a bifid tip, with a very marked asymmetry of the nostrils and a very wide nasal base. Through an open rhinosseptoplasty we obtained a functional, more harmonious and very [...] Read more

Case #29

This patient suffered from a serious nasal obstruction and also disliked the discreet bossa that he had. We are talking about discrete changes with a reduction of a few millimeters (2 to 3 mm) in the nasal dorsum. This type of "finesse" rhinosseptoplasty, in which only small changes are corrected, is sometimes technically more difficult and challenging for the surgeon [...] Read more

Case #26

I am very happy to have fulfilled the dream of my dear patient. It was an honor that she entrusted me to carry out this mission. It was a nose with a very pronounced bossa and a very low radix (root of the nose). With a RINOSSEPTOPLASTY (open technique) we got a very harmonious nose in her beautiful face, never [...] Read more