Case #74

This such nice patient came to my consultation with serious functional problems. She had a deviated septum and rhinitis medicamentosa (need to use decongestants to breathe through her nose). Since there was a functional surgery indication, she wanted to improve some points that she didn’t like much from the aesthetic point of view. I removed the small hump that she [...] Read more

Case #73

This patient came to my appointment because she thought her nose was overall big and without definition. The major issue was her skin. Thick skin is a major challenge in #rinoplasty. In a thick-skinned nose, the tip has to keep some projection or the nose becomes less defined than initially. Base reduction turns out to be the only way to really [...] Read more

Case #72

This nice patient had already undergone nasal surgery and was not satisfied with the appearance and function of his nose. It had a very drooping tip with no projection, a hump with a broad dorsum and an almost total absence of nasal septum with multiple scars inside the nose. With almost no nasal septum, I thought it would be necessary [...] Read more

Case #71

This dear patient came to me because she was unhappy with the appearance of her nose. Mostly she didn't like the hump, but in fact what bothered me most was the drooping tip and the wide base. Notice how the whole face changes with rhinoplasty. A drooping nose gives an aged look to the person. Through an open rhinoplasty, it [...] Read more

Case #69

This patient came to me because, in addition to functional complaints, he was unhappy with the appearance of his nose. It was deviated, had a hump and had large and asymmetrical nostrils. Today I present the result to you 18 months after the surgery. A functional, aligned, beautiful and natural nose. Read more

Case #67

This patient came to me because, in addition to functional complaints, she would like to have an overall smaller nose. Today I present you the result, 10 months after the surgery. An overall smaller nose, super natural and with good permeability. Read more
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