Post Op #07

I present you photos of the result sent by my dear patient, 3 months after her #rinoplasty. The result is not yet definitive, but it is already possible to verify the difference obtained with the surgery. In addition to the obvious differences in the nose, notice how the whole face is more beautiful and still super natural. My patient is already [...] Read more

Post Op #06

One month Post Operative. I operated on this dear patient about a month ago. What worried her the most was the hump and the slightly dropped tip. But more than that, the main concern was to obtain a natural result. Although there is still edema (just a month after the surgery) and the photos taken with a mobile phone are [...] Read more

Post Op #04

Besides functional complaints, this dear patient was unhappy with the small hump on her nose and años did not like its width. Through an open #rinoplasty it was achieved a natural result and a functional nose. Here is the testimony in the first person. ( It was only 2 weeks after the surgery so the nose is far from the final [...] Read more

Post Op #02

Once again I call your attention to the importance of the skin type in rhinoplasty. In this case, with an extremely thin skin, any inframilimetric detail appears outside the “new” nose, which makes the surgeon's work very difficult. On the other hand, in the noses with thin skin, it takes less time to reach the final result and reduce the [...] Read more
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