Case #75

Today I present you a case of revision rhinoplasty. This patient had undergone a #rinoplasty 11 years ago by another surgeon. The nose had serious deformities essentially at the level of the lower 1/3. In these cases it is sometimes necessary to harvest cartilage from the rib or ear. These are cases of extreme complexity in which patients' expectations are very high. [...] Read more

Case #74

This such nice patient came to my consultation with serious functional problems. She had a deviated septum and rhinitis medicamentosa (need to use decongestants to breathe through her nose). Since there was a functional surgery indication, she wanted to improve some points that she didn’t like much from the aesthetic point of view. I removed the small hump that she [...] Read more

Case #73

This patient came to my appointment because she thought her nose was overall big and without definition. The major issue was her skin. Thick skin is a major challenge in #rinoplasty. In a thick-skinned nose, the tip has to keep some projection or the nose becomes less defined than initially. Base reduction turns out to be the only way to really [...] Read more

Case #72

This nice patient had already undergone nasal surgery and was not satisfied with the appearance and function of his nose. It had a very drooping tip with no projection, a hump with a broad dorsum and an almost total absence of nasal septum with multiple scars inside the nose. With almost no nasal septum, I thought it would be necessary [...] Read more
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