Case #60

Today I present to you the result of a post-op, a year and a half after surgery. This dear patient aspired to have a more feminine nose and more inline with the delicate and beautiful features of her face. The extremely thin skin and the subtle changes that were sought, made this case a real challenge. This is an example [...] Read more

Case #59

Today I present you different kind of case. This dear patient suffered a facial trauma with consequent aesthetic and functional sequelae in the nose. In addition to not breathing, her nose was shortened, deviated, asymmetrical and malformed. The correction of this case required the use of ear cartilage and many hours of surgery. It is perfect? No ... Could it [...] Read more

Case #58

Today I present you a case with more than a year after surgery. This patient had considerable functional complaints and wanted to combine the correction of his nasal septum with an aesthetic correction of his nose. His main concern was to achieve a reduction in the hump of the lower third of the nose and to maintain a completely natural [...] Read more

Case #57

This dear patient, in addition to a serious functional problem, was also displeased with the aesthetic component of her nose. It was an extremely complex nose: very deviated, asymmetrical, with a dorsal hump and a relatively thin skin. In addition to obtaining a nose that breathes, it was possible, with an open rhinoplasty, a natural, harmonious, more symmetrical and more [...] Read more

Case #56

Today I present a case that, although it seems simple, is extremely complex. This patient had undergone a septoplasty and had a major nasal trauma. As a consequence, there was a deviated nose, with absence of nasal septum and poorly functional. In this case, it was necessary to use rib cartilage to reconstruct the nose, either with a functional and [...] Read more

Case #55

This dear patient did not like the hump on the nasal dorsum and wanted a more refined but natural nose. Through an open rhinoplasty we achieved a super natural nose, with no hump and a more delicate tip. Read more

Case #53

I put before you today the result of one year postoperatively for which I cherish special affection. This dear patient didn’t like the aspect of her nose (and had a deviation of the nasal septum with consequent nasal obstruction). Apart from the need to use glasses, they also were used, to some extent, as “camouflage” to an imposing hump of [...] Read more

Case #52

In addition to functional problems, this dear patient would like to discreetly reduce her nose, keeping its original features. Most people believe that this kind of “finesse” rhinoplasties are easier than the ones where there are major changes. However, that is not always the case and often they end up as more difficult and demanding surgeries. In this case, only [...] Read more
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