Case #83

This such a nice patient suffered a nasal trauma around the age of 12 with a basketball resulting in a complete destruction of the nasal septum. The septum functions as a central pillar in the nose that mainly supports the lower 2/3 of the nose. This total septum replacement is a very complex case whose only chance for a stable and [...] Read more

Case #82

This nice patient had serious functional complaints for a long time but I she was afraid that when doing her rhinoplasty there would be a change in the features of her nose and face. If you look closely, her nose had a C form deviation, which is quite difficult to correct. Only 3 months have passed since the surgery but [...] Read more

Case #81

This friendly patient globally liked her nose but she just didn't like its hump. She asked me if it was possible to keep the main features of her nose, remove the hump and improve nasal permeability. I said yes :) (2 months after surgery). Read more

Case #80

This such a nice patient came to my consultation because he had a long-standing nasal obstruction and did not like the deviated aspect of his nose. His professional activity obliges him to constant physical activity as well as driving long distances and the large deviation of the septum that he had interfered a lot in the quality of his sleep. [...] Read more

Case #79

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her nose. She did not like the hump, the dropped and bulbous tip. She already wanted to have done her #rinoplasty some time ago and after seeing the natural result that a friend got, she decided to move forward. 6 months after the surgery we can already see a more beautiful and super natural [...] Read more

Case #78

This patient came to me because she was unhappy with the shape and function of her nose. It had a discreet hump, a drooping hyper-projected tip, and large asymmetrical nostrils. Although they were not major changes, the sum of them all made the nose unattractive. Through an open rhinosseptoplasty with alar base ressection it was possible to obtain a harmonious [...] Read more

Case #77

This such a nice patient was unhappy with the size and shape of his nose. He thought it was too long and droopy. I agreed with him so we decided to go ahead with his #rinoplasty. It has only been 6 months since the surgery and there is still some edema, but it is already possible to see the difference that #rinoplasty can [...] Read more

Case #76

This nice patient had great functional complaints and did not like the marked hump and the dropping tip. However, He was very concerned with obtaining a very natural aesthetic result. If it is true that he had a pronounced hump, it was more noticeable because he had a low radix. In these cases it is essential to lower the hump [...] Read more
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