Caso Clínico #37 – Rhinoplasty

Este doente, para além de queixas funcionais, estava descontente com o aspecto do seu nariz. Estéticamente tratava-se de um nariz grande em todas as dimensões, com uma ponta extremamente bulbosa e uma base demasiadamente larga. Com uma Rinoplastia, conseguimos um nariz natural num caso extremamente difícil. Read more

Caso Clínico #36 – Rhinoplasty

Esta paciente, com um rosto extremamente bonito, procurou-me para um refinamento estético do seu nariz. Possuía uma discreta bossa e embora de difícil percepção nas fotos, possuía uma ponta discretamente assimétrica. Para os menos entendidos, este resultado por parecer subtil demais ou até fácil de obter. Dada as características da pele da doente (muito fina) qualquer pequena irregularidade pode se [...] Read more

Case #35 – Rhinoplasty

This patient, besides not liking the bossa present on the back of her nose, had a discreetly projected nose. We are talking about millimeters that made it look like a "big" nose on his face. In addition, he had difficulty breathing, not due to a significant septal deviation, but due to an insufficiency of the nasal valve caused by poor [...] Read more

Case #34 – Rhinosseptoplasty

This patient came to me with marked functional complaints (difficulty in breathing through her nose) and did not like the aesthetic component of her nose. It was a very projected nose, with a marked bossa, with a pointed tip (namely when smiling, due to a depressor of the short septum) and an asymmetric columella caused in part by the deviation [...] Read more

Case #33 – Rhinosseptoplasty

This patient had serious respiratory difficulties caused by a deviated nasal septum and an increase in the inferior turbinates (rhinitis). From the aesthetic point of view she was displeased with the pronounced bossa that had, nevertheless wanted to maintain a very natural nose and framed in his face. By open rhinosectomy, it was possible to correct both the functional component [...] Read more

Case #32 – Advanced Rhinoplasty

This patient came to us with two previous nasal surgeries to correct the septum deviation. As a result he had a nasal deformity called Saddle Nose. This deformity occurred due to a disruption of the joint area between the nasal bones and the nasal septum (area K). In these cases (almost always) there is not enough septal cartilage to reconstruct [...] Read more

Case #30 – Rinosseptoplasty

This patient had very poor nasal permeability and did not like the look of his nose. From the aesthetic point of view it was a nose with a discreet bossa, with a bifid tip, with a very marked asymmetry of the nostrils and a very wide nasal base. Through an open rhinosseptoplasty we obtained a functional, more harmonious and very [...] Read more

Case #29 – Rhinosseptoplasty

This patient suffered from a serious nasal obstruction and also disliked the discreet bossa that he had. We are talking about discrete changes with a reduction of a few millimeters (2 to 3 mm) in the nasal dorsum. This type of "finesse" rhinosseptoplasty, in which only small changes are corrected, is sometimes technically more difficult and challenging for the surgeon [...] Read more

Case #28 – Rinoplasty

In addition to the functional component, this patient was displeased with the appearance of his nose. From the aesthetic point of view, although his nose was too large, what he did not particularly like was the tip of the nose, which was very globular. He liked his nose to be smaller, but he was afraid it would be too small [...] Read more
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