Case #75

Today I present you a case of revision rhinoplasty. This patient had undergone a #rinoplasty 11 years ago by another surgeon. The nose had serious deformities essentially at the level of the lower 1/3. In these cases it is sometimes necessary to harvest cartilage from the rib or ear. These are cases of extreme complexity in which patients’ expectations are very high. In this specific case, there was enough septal cartilage to reconstruct the tip. The nose is no longer what calls more attention on the patient’s face (for the worst reasons) and it was possible to obtain a “normal” nose that fits the rest of the face. It is important that people with prior rhinoplasty do not create unrealistic expectations regarding revision surgery. Sometimes good is better than excellent and we have to remain faithful to the basic principle of medicine: Primum non nocere – first, do not harm.