Case #74

This such nice patient came to my consultation with serious functional problems. She had a deviated septum and rhinitis medicamentosa (need to use decongestants to breathe through her nose). Since there was a functional surgery indication, she wanted to improve some points that she didn’t like much from the aesthetic point of view. I removed the small hump that she had, reduced the “columela show” and the pendant columela aspects and aligned it, and harmonized the tip a little. This is called a “finess” rhinoplasty in which small things will change, which together make a big difference. It has only been 6 weeks since the surgery and there is still edema, but the patient is already very happy because she already breathes without the help of medication and because she has a more delicate and natural nose. I thank her for trusting me for her #rhinoplasty and for letting me share the case 🙂