Case #72

This nice patient had already undergone nasal surgery and was not satisfied with the appearance and function of his nose. It had a very drooping tip with no projection, a hump with a broad dorsum and an almost total absence of nasal septum with multiple scars inside the nose. With almost no nasal septum, I thought it would be necessary to resort to rib or ear cartilage to support the nose. Fortunately it was not necessary. He is a #personaltrainer which further emphasizes the importance of a functional nose in his profession. The result is still only a month after surgery, but you can already tell the difference (even with some edema): absence of a hump and a tip in the proper position. He is already very happy with the new nose at all levels (functional and aesthetic) and I am very grateful to him for having trusted me with his #rinoplasty. 🙏🏻